Does your business qualify for employee retention credits?

You can qualify up to $26,000 per employee or up to $100,000 as a startup business.

DOES YOUR BUSINESS QUALIFY FOR UP TO $26,000 PER EMPLOYEE or are you a startup business that can qualify for $100,000 in tax credits?


You may qualify for tax credits up to $26K per employee due to pandemic government shutdown orders or a decline in revenue.

PPP Loans

Many businesses are eligible for Employee Retention Credits even after receiving PPP loans.

Employee Retention Credits

Can be retroactively claimed for 2020 and 2021 payroll expenses

Client Credits

On average we obtain over $326K in credits per company and last year we obtained client credits totaling over $63 million.

Startup Business

If you started a new business after 2/15/2020 with gross receipts under $1 million, you may be eligible for Employee Retention Credits as a Recovery Startup Business.